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How To Use Telemedicine Platforms

The twenty-first century will doubtless go down in the history books for a number of revolutionary inventions, and telemedicine is arguably among the best. Patients can now access health systems using telehealth and telemedicine technology. These can be used for a variety of essential healthcare-related actions, including making a telehealth appointment, messaging your care providers, receiving care plans and prescriptions, and finding wellness guidance on various topics. Here’s how to use a few of the top telehealth platforms.

Teladoc is a US-based, English-language service, although its website allows you to translate its content into Canadian English or Canadian French. Here’s how to use Teladoc:

  • Account setup. To set up your account, go to or download the app to your mobile device. You can find out if this platform is covered by your insurance by contacting your insurance company, calling 1-800-Teladoc (1-800-835-2362), or visiting its website. There you can also find a video that offers an overview of the Teladoc app.

  • Making an appointment. Open the app and select “Request a Visit.” Select the family member who needs it, then the video or phone call option, then a date and time. Next, indicate the reason for your visit and relevant details. Choose a pharmacy and location, then confirm your submitted information and join the virtual waiting room. You’ll receive a notification before your appointment. Open the app 10 minutes before your appointment and wait for it to begin. Call 1-800-Teladoc for technical support if needed.

  • Using the app or platform in other ways. After your appointment, you’ll receive a medical summary, and any prescriptions will be sent to the pharmacy you selected. Your medical team will send you a custom care plan and message you about the next steps to take. Visit the Teladoc Health Talk page for wellness advice on a variety of health topics.

PlushCare is a US-based, English-language service. Here’s how to use PlushCare:

  • Account setup. You can get limited access to PlushCare services without a member services account by calling 1-800-221-5140. To become a member, visit PlushCare’s Membership page and select “Become a Member.” Fill out the information you are prompted to provide; you can call 1-888-798-0620 with account setup and related questions.

  • Making an appointment. Visit or open the PlushCare app and select “Book an Appointment.” Enter your insurance information (you can pay with or without insurance). Select a date, time, preferred doctor, and preferred pharmacy and location. You can plan to use either your smartphone or computer webcam for your video call appointment. During your appointment, your doctor will ask for your medical history and current prescriptions and supplements, and they will work with you to create a care plan

  • Using the app or platform in other ways. After your visit, your care provider will send any applicable prescriptions to your selected pharmacy. You can also use the app to request refills and to send messages to your doctor. Although you may not be able to reach your preferred doctor at all hours and days of the year, you can nonetheless receive medical advice 24 hours a day and 365 days a year—including holidays—from an available care provider.

MedicallHome is a Mexico-based service with a Spanish-language website and app. However, English speakers can use their browsers to translate website content if needed. Here’s how to use MedicallHome:

  • Account setup. To become a member, visit or open the app and select “Obtén tu membresía” (“Get your membership”). Fill out your contact and credit card information; you can also read the privacy policy before proceeding. In the future, you’ll need to enter your membership number in order to access your account.

  • Making an appointment. MedicallHome works primarily over the phone. When you need to make an appointment, call the Healthcare Contact Center at 55-5201-7676. Press 1 for an emergency, 2 for medical advice, or 3 for a medical referral. Emergency calls are typically answered in 5 seconds or less. Whether through an appointment or otherwise, you can access medical advice 24 hours a day.

  • Using the app or platform in other ways. MedicallHome allows you to book video consultations with your primary care doctor, psychologist, or nutritionist. You can also access dental and optometry services through its Dental Access and Focal Vision networks, along with many kinds of specialists. Unlike telemedicine platforms in the US, MedicallHome members can get discounts on specialist and hospital care as well as discounts at over 3,500 retailers across Mexico.

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