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Everyone deserves access to quality healthcare.

Child at the Doctor

Beam Up makes it possible for non-profits globally to have access to quality healthcare by supplying technology such as telemedicine, and electronic health records, and giving access to specialists to support the on-ground doctors in underserved areas. 

From US to Mexico to Papa New Guinea

Beam Up continues to expand its impact globally with its local work in the US to supporting 4 orphanages in Tijuana, Mexico to providing Econsults in Papa New Guinea. 

Who can we help?


Telemedicine has no boundaries. Reach out to us if you have the need and we can help figure out the 'how' and make it happen. 

Healthcare Technology

Beam Up was started by a clinical team with years of experience in running a telemedicine company (Beam Healthcare) providing high-quality healthcare. We understand what works best and is cost-effective. 


Healthcare Operations

Technology is the easy piece in digital healthcare and its the efficient operation that results in quality healthcare. We believe non-profits should not have to compromise on operations efficiency when it comes to volunteer clinicians' onboarding/management, patient scheduling workflow, and electronic health records.

Male Student

"We look forward to meeting you and learn more on how we can support your community."
- Beam Up Team 

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