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We create opportunities 
for growth by helping kids be the best version of themselves!

Beam Up's programs focus on providing:
Access to Healthy Food = Healthy Body

Access to Quality Education = Knowledge to Propel Forward

Access to Preventative Healthcare =  Mind, Body, & Soul

Kids in Vegetable Farm

Programs & Projects.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for youth and young adults of lower socioeconomic status to equip them with the necessary tools. By empowering them, they are better equipped to lift themselves out of poverty and violence.  

At the core of BeamUp is access to quality education about a healthy lifestyle, professional education, plant-based whole foods, making climate friendly choices, and mindfulness. 

Community Empowerment

We believe education begins with empowerment of the communities that we aid. Providing resources, fuzing connections, and offering programming is at the center of this work. 

Nano Education

We know that each community has unique educational needs. That’s why we take a specialized approach towards offering targeted education to better equip those we serve.

Plant-Based Nutrition

Many of the communities we engage with have a limited variety of foods in their diet. We believe it is essential to create access to plant-based options for all, because nutritious food = a happier, healthier learner.

Healthier Mind, Body & Soul

Just like a pyramid, a healthier mind supports a healthier body which inspires a healthier soul (and vise versa). Acknowledging the importance of all three is at the core of our work. 

Creating Goals & Vision Boards

Our programming is designed to encourage a launch pad for the youth we coach, which means the inclusion of dynamic goal setting and life coaching. We believe an empowered young adult means a more empowered world.

Entrepreneurial & Financial

It is our biggest hope that the students we interact with feel equipped to make dreams of their own, like BeamUp, into reality. We provide entrepreneurial and financial training to set them up to take steps in their own directions. 

Access To Education

We have partnered with Scrimba to provide youth the ability to learn coding on their platform for free. Scrimba makes it simple for kids to learn and test their skill in the browser w/o requiring expensive hardware investment.
Learn more.

Computer Class

Access To Healthy Foods

Our future goals are to educate the communities about the benefits of plant-based whole foods and the power they have in their hands to be self-sustaining. We love the article reviews, and research data interpretation by Dr. McGregor and his team at NutritionFacts.Org. 

Organic Vegetables
At the Pediatrician

Access to

We have partnered up with Beam Healthcare to provide access to healthcare by leveraging telemedicine and empowering local providers to use the platform.


See our first healthcare projects at 4 orphanages in Tijuana, Mexico.

Two Friends
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