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We're here to drive change.

Our mission is to create opportunities and tackle the social determinants of health for communities in poverty.

Cheerful Business Meeting

A word from our founder.

"The path to medicine was an unconventional one for me. My background was in Operation Management Information Systems (OMIS) before I decided to join the field of medicine when I lost one of my best friends and other loved ones that were critically ill. Business & tech were always my passion & still are, but medicine was going to be my way of directly supporting my community. 


After starting my career as a hospitalist director in 2011, it was evident to me that 'healthcare', the status quo medical practice, was not sustainable. I started Beam Healthcare in 2014 with the simple idea of leveraging financially viable technology to its fullest to solve the iron triangle of healthcare and in the process help solve healthcare inequality. We didn’t have to do anything groundbreaking, we just had to be really good and efficient at providing quality care. Easier said than done... but we accomplished it with the right team and right partners! 

Not too long after we realized that access to healthcare was just part of the solution and in order for struggling communities to succeed, they need access to healthy nourishment, quality education, and healthy lifestyle coaching for preventative healthcare. This is when BeamUp was born. The goal is for BeamUp's operational cost to be covered by core sponsors, with 100% of all other donations going directly toward providing healthy plant-based whole foods, access to quality online education, and access to telemedicine healthcare for all. Thank you for joining us on this journey of wellness."


— Sarjoo Patel, MD 

   Founder, BeamUp 

Our Team.

We are a passionate group of entrepreneurs, clinicians, and team members driven to assist communities by providing them opportunities to succeed. Learn more about our corporate sponsors and partners here.

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