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Help create equality & opportunities for kids in poverty by providing...

  • Access to Healthcare

  • Access to Nourishment

  • Access to Education 

100% of funds are spent on education, food, and healthcare services.

Image by Ismail Salad Hajji dirir

If you were born in poverty, stats are already against you. Let's change that together!


more likely to drop out of high school than wealthier peers


greater rate of obesity than wealthy communities


more likely to suffer from a severe mental illness


are not reading at or above proficient levels by the fourth grade

4 orphanages in Tijuana now have access to healthcare through BeamUp & its partners

By partnering up with Beam Healthcare & Esperanza Contigo, BeamUp was able to start implementing telemedicine at  different orphanages & empower local providers. #HealthcareForAll

Tijuana Telemedicine Video

About BeamUp

Inspired by the work done by Beam Healthcare, we realized that access to healthcare was just part of the solution and in order for struggling communities to succeed, they need access to healthy nourishment, quality education, and healthy lifestyle coaching. 

Educational Gardening

Provide access to nutrition.

If you want the community to live longer and active lives, reduce healthcare expenditures, and avoid physical and mental co-morbidities, eat whole, plant-based foods. Our goal is to provide access to healthy foods and also teach how communities can grow their own self-sustaining garden. 

Online Class

How you can help.

100% of your donation will go towards fighting these social determinants of health.

Volunteer with us if you are an educator or healthcare provider.  

Empower through education

Knowledge pushes us forward and creates opportunities for the youth as they get older. One of our partners, Scrimba, provides free subscriptions to kids that are interested in learning to code. 

Free access to preventative healthcare

We are here to listen and guide – not to write prescriptions. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

Super Health Food
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