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How Non-Profits like BeamUp & FEC Manage their Teams & Volunteers Paperlessly with Flow

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Why should nonprofits have to compromise quality and efficiency when it comes to managing teams and volunteers? Nonprofits are just as important, if not more, than any other small to large enterprises. Yet the issues of unmet quality standards and wasted time still plague businesses and nonprofits alike.

A specifically contentious area in team and volunteer management is the process of onboarding. Hiring new employees entails the laborious task of procuring documents from potentially dozens of channels and sources. Keeping employees up-to-date or training volunteers can be unintuitive and an extra stressor on your staff. To make these issues worse, there are often financial fees incurred at multiple stages of the process. It just isn’t simple.

That’s why Flow was created. Platforms like Flow exist to diminish the negative impact of these issues on nonprofits and small businesses. Flow was created to tackle operational disparity by providing a free platform that scales with businesses and nonprofits to automate team and volunteer management.

Flow helps non-profits automate team management and become paperless in a process that takes days, not weeks. Most recently, nonprofits like BeamUp and Fundación Esperanza Contigo have used Flow to improve efficiency and quality of onboarding for their remote volunteers in the US and Mexico.

A physician with FEC examines a child in an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico.


Efficiency starts with a platform that works for you. Each business is unique, and may have different operational needs depending on the industry. Even within companies, the need for specialized training exists across departments. Flow was designed so you can tailor your platform to your small business needs, because not all nonprofits are the same…

  • Create customized workflows by position

  • Assign automatic rules to complete learning modules, sign certain documents, tasks, and more.


The inconveniences of old systems, like waiting for your team to fill out applications and keeping track of scattered physical documents, have no place in the modern workspace. Onboarding systems like Flow can now simplify the interview process. Once you've decided to move forward with an interviewed candidate, you can use Flow to...

  • Have the candidate fill out their application on Flow

  • You can run local, federal, international, and healthcare level background checks

  • Get professional and references via SMS and Emails.

  • Have the new hire

Onboarding & Education

Welcoming a new candidate to your team is an important part of your business. Seeking out emails, waiting on background checks and references, and leading the new employee through orientation can be time consuming. Once you decide to hire a job candidate, Flow can automate the process of receiving background checks and references to save your team time. Educating your new hire can be as simple as assigning them custom courses through Flow. Flow can Auto-Assign the candidate the following items based on the workflow you've designed.

  • Have the new hire complete learning modules (videos, PPT, PDF, DOC) such as 'Get to know Your Organization', 'Company Core Values', 'How to ...', etc.

  • Auto-assign various tasks

  • Flow will automatically create a volunteer/employee file and store all the data

Manage & Monitor

With Flow, you no longer have to micromanage daily routine tasks. Free up your small business or nonprofit to focus on the things that will grow your company, and let Flow handle the routine stuff without losing sight of your employee’s progress. Accomplish the following and more with a more efficient management system:

  • Have the new hire complete company material (videos, PPT, PDF, DOC) such as 'Get to know Your Organization', 'Company Core Values', 'How to ...', etc.

  • Auto-assign various tasks to new employees

  • Send out auto-reminders and notifications to employees about their certifications and license expirations

  • Flow will automatically create a volunteer/employee file and store all the data


Do you struggle with a pile of paperwork and emails in keeping track of your team members? Let Flow keep track for you.

  • Each employee/volunteer will have their own folder in Flow

  • Information is auto organized in Flow.

  • Each folder is a repository of employee/volunteer's documents, personal information, tasks, pending items, and more.

Reports & Dashboard

How do you run recruitment, learning modules, and other reports currently? There may be a more efficient way.

  • Flow gives you the Macro and the Micro dashboards to know what's happening at a company level and department level

  • Run education/LMS report to know which employees/volunteers have completed their modules and who are pending.

Interested in seeing how Flow can revolutionize the way your nonprofit or small business functions? Learn more about revolutionizing your onboarding process today at

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